Style Quotient With Tooth Jewels

Glowing and Shiny smile using Tooth Jewelry !!

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Tooth Jewelry is applied by a dentist who uses a small amount of adhesive, in a manner similar to the application of orthodontic braces. The backside of Tooth Jewelry is specifically patented to maintain adherence to the tooth, allowing the jewelry to be worn indefinitely. However, a dentist can easily remove or replace Tooth Jewelry.

Tooth Jewelry
  • Have a sparkling smile at Smylzz with these tooth jewels.
  • Can be attached in not more than 10 min.
  • Choose from wide range of varieties.
  • Removable, affordable & painless jewels.

Tooth jewels come in various forms. Below are the highest quality level, achieved by exclusive manufacturing procedures and regular checks. Each jewel is packaged sterile in its individually sealed box.

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Less expensive form are:

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The application of Tooth Jewelry is cosmetic dentistry and does not harm the tooth in any way. Twinkles are safe, reversible, exclusive body art that leaves no permanent mark, letting you display a fun, personal form of self expression with a great sense of style. Its a less expensive and trendy alternative to having a “bling” in your smile are temporary Tooth Jewels offered in many different shapes and sizes.

The jewels are specially manufactured for dental use and attached with a light-curing composite. They are placed and aligned within 20 seconds with no drilling or pain. The gems can stay in place from eight months to up to many years, but can easily be removed at any time by a dentist. They do not impede daily dental care or regular hygienist cleanings.

“The Tooth Jewels are very popular with the trendy Hollywood crowd who want something different to express their individualism. No longer is this latest trend in body art only for hip-hop celebrities or film stars, DecoDent offers these shiny tooth jewels to local customers in dental offices and spas. The price for the procedure varies depending on jewel and dental fees.


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