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A beautiful smile enlightens the day is a popular phrase that explains the importance of having healthy and white teeth. Teeth Whitening bleach is one the best treatment to improve the color of teeth and remove any strains. Teeth Whitening Systems come in both single and family kits.

Teeth Whitening, is generally recommended for healthy teeth that may have become stained or discolored. The durability teeth Whitening is strongly linked to lifestyle where excessive contact with coffee, tea, red wine and smoking can have a deleterious effect.

The results of the treatment are usually visible for 1 to 3 years, depending on mainly eating habits and smoking. Picture shows the ‘before Whitening’ & ‘after Whitening’ status of the teeth. The procedure involves the use of safe bleaching chemicals and is usually accomplished with a single visit to the surgery.

Teeth Whitening Treatment
At-Home Whitening.At-home or take-home Whitening is accomplished by wearing custom-made trays filled with prescription Whitening gel for several hours at a time for at least three days.Patients are scheduled for a tray fitting where impressions or molds of the upper and lower teeth are taken. From these impressions, custom trays for the teeth are formed.At the next appointment, the trays are delivered, and tested for proper fit. The dentist then shows the patient how to apply the prescription-quality Whitening gel into the trays. The trays are extremely thin, virtually invisible and can be worn during the day or night. The results are long lasting, and the smiles are quickly brightened in a three to five days.

In-Office Whitening ( 1 Hour Bleaching)

Ideal procedure If you are looking for immediate & instant results.

Some people who undergo in-office Whitening may experience some sensitivity in their teeth. This sensitivity should be gone within 1-2 days. Sensitivity from at home Whitening will dissipate after a 1-2 day rest between Whitening applications.

Complications:There are no known complications associated with smile Whitening.


If you have teeth that are stained, yellowed or discolored due to age, drinking coffee, tea, red wine or cola, you are an ideal candidate to have your smile whitened up to 9-10 shades brighter.If your teeth are stained due to smoking or are gray as a result of taking certain medications, you might experience less significant Whitening.


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